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If you die without a valid Will you have died Intestate and your property (Estate) is distributed according to the Law of Intestacy.

Some old wives' tales need to be dealt with:-

My spouse(husband/wife) or Civil Partner will inherit everything anyway.
Not so. The Law says what a surviving spouse can automatically receive. The amount is depends on whether you are also survived by children and by certain other relatives.

I've told the children what I want, so that's all right.
Not so. History is littered with ungrateful and greedy children who ignore their parents wishes. The best way to provide for your loved ones is to make a Will.

The Law treats the person I am living with as if we were married or in a Civil Partnership.
Completely wrong. Unless you make a Will that person will receive nothing without going to court - even if you have had children together. See the answer on my FAQ page.


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Make my Scottish Will Online in Scotland


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